About us

“What does AmTEC do?”

American Trustees Education Council* (AmTEC.foundation*) supports and facilitates public pension fund trustees and staff primary and continuing education events and activities.  AmTEC’s relationships with institutional real estate and private equity funds provide an abundant source of subject matter experts.

Our affiliations with institutional real estate management and maintenance services provide access to real estate acquisitions and dispositions, as well as, ongoing management and maintenance activities.  Additionally, our investment banking affiliations allow access to active fundraising campaigns that facilitate investments from our public pension fund relationships. All of this allows us to bring you events and activities throughout the year.

Trustee and investment Professional Forums and events are ​sponsored and paid for by US private enterprise fund managers. Typically, these fund managers are for profit organizations.  The information imparted at this event is intended to be for professional education and training purposes; however, the subject matter presentation may contain specific information about the sponsoring company.  A portion of the proceeds of the event will be donated to a charity designated by a trustee attending the event and randomly selected by a sponsor.

*American Trustee Education Council is a dba of Texas Non-profit corporation American Philanthropic Ventures Association.